Celestial Mechanica


Puzzles and platforms, better with robots


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Celestial Mechanica tells the story of a race of mysterious beings who, one day, when humans had taken Earth to the edge of destruction, appeared out of nowhere to give the inhabitants a second chance.

One hundred years after this event, one of the beings is unjustly banished to Earth. He doesn't hesitate in doing everything possible to get back to the floating structure that's home to the other members of his race, in order to teach the others that they made a mistake in casting him out.

Starting with this backdrop, Celestial Mechanica mixes puzzles, platforms, and adventure with a development that's similar to the Metroid saga games. The main character is a small, friendly robot who has to move carefully around a 2D world full of traps.

In this way, your hero will have to face various puzzles if he wants to get back to where he belongs. That said, the vast majority of the puzzles can only be solved once you've developed a specific skill, which you'll discover progressively.

Celestial Mechanica is a joint effort of the talents of Roger Hicks (rComplex) and Paul Veer (Super Crate Box). With this collaboration, they've managed to create an engaging adventure with some clever puzzles and a unique personality.
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